It is a well-known fact that all musicians need microphones. And it is important that a microphone is of the best quality so that a musician is able to give their best to their audience. This is why it is important to research well before investing in a piece of equipment that will define your sound in the years to come. A bad microphone can ruin a musician’s rep.

What does a hard core musician need you wonder? To begin with anyone who loves music and wants to be a part of the industry will make sure they have access to the best in the business. One of these is an audio interface. The Scarlet 2i2 for hardcore musicians is meant to give musicians who are cramped for space the perfect partner. This one is a 2-in, 2-out interface that gives you world class sound and high quality Scarlett 2i2 for hard core musicians digital conversion in line with the top players in the market. Since this is USB operated, you can take it anywhere you go!

Coming to microphones, it is important that the best quality equipment is used. Audio Technica is a well-known brand and they are known for producing some high quality equipment that is ideal for home recording. Their ATR2100 is one such. This is a microphone that is idea for recording in small spaces and for small-scale recording. This microphone is <$100 and is comparable to some of the best mics in the market today. The quality of the ATR2100 is comparable to $300 mics out there and that’s saying a lot! Usually, when a low-cost mic is pitted against a high end model, it is difficult to recommend the low cost product, but that being said, the ATR 2100 wins because it uses technology innovatively and gives the output you’re looking for.

The question, however, is how do iconic bands get their sounds? A band like Nirvana for example were known for their grunge sound and they defined the music of an entire generation. What mic did they use? Urban legend has it that Nirava sing on Sennheiser e835. Even though it has been decades since Kurt Cobain passed, it is difficult to imagine a music world without his characteristic vocals streaming out the radio Nirvana sing on Sennheiser e835. The sound that made them was courtesy Sennheiser. This brand is known for producing some of the best mics out there and it is no surprise to find out that Nirvana recorded their music with them.

Another microphone that has many urban legends attached to is the Oktava MK319. This mic has as many originals as it does fakes. And the irony is that the original and fake sound quality of ATR2100 very alike! It’s tough to tell them apart. However, the original Oktava MK319 is what everyone is concerned with. The oktava MK-319 review of quality is as follows:

* Gold-coated diaphragm

* Pleasant and good-sounding

* Resonator disc that adds some depth to the upper-mid scales

* Great mic for recording drums

* Ensure you get the original, that is the only one that can get modified to suit your vocals and acoustics

Steps To Attach GoPro To Drone:

* Attaching gopro to a drone is like having the best of the both worlds. It will provide you with great altitude and the amazing 360 degree video capturing feature of gopro. Gopro also owes its popularity to amazing video quality in rough and unstable conditions. This further makes it more compatible for shooting with drones.

* There are models of gopro that come with adhesive unit. But this are generally heavy and also cost a bit more. Even if you keep aside the costing factor, you need to consider the weight.

* Attaching heavy accessories to your drone will affect its performance by a huge margin. The gopro should always remain lightweight so as to be compatible with any drone. Hence if you plan to buy a gopro specifically to use with drones stay away from the heavier adhesive ones.

* Other than adhesive ones, look for gopro that are less than a hundred milligrams. The lighter the better.

* Once you have a god AR drone and a gopro that fulfills the above criteria, you will styrofoam, glue and rubber bands.

* To mount go pro to drone, you have to have a slightly larger piece of styrofoam than the camera, Use a sharp tool to make a hole in the styrofoam and secure it. You can use any form of glue or adhesive in a thin layer to attach the styrofoam to the drone. Secure the whole setup with a lot of durable rubber bands.

* Once you have assembled it you can trim off the extra styrofoam to fit perfectly.

* One more important point to remember is to let the adhesive dry before mounting. This ensures strong fixture.

* After following all the above steps, you drone with the gopro is ready for its flight.

* But before flying it in full splendor make sure you take test flights to make sure they are fixed properly.

This process has its set of disadvantages, with failure of setup, function failure, lack of compatibility between the drone and gopro or other camera. To solve this you the drone market has released inbuilt cameras for drones. This drones do not require additional attachment of cameras or any other devices to capture footage. They have different megapixel camera for drones. The cheaper ones usually have less megapixels. As the price range goes on increasing the megapixels and quality improve too.

One popular drone camera at present is the dji phantom 3. This drone camera comes with great image quality and resolution. It is expensive too. But a great investment for the quality it provides. You can find low price for dji phantom 3 professional during major sales where its price is reduced by more than half. There is a bit of disadvantages too, mainly that there is no provision to upgrade the camera in future or easy removal process. The landing is not foldable or removable too which makes it highly inconvenient to store and retrieve. It also makes it cumbersome to carry while travelling. In the same lines hubsan x4 h107c+ is cheap too!! X

A radar detector just picks up radar signals and warns you of the radar guns in the proximity. So do you really need one that has a lot of additional features in it? Yes, most of the sophisticated features in the radar detectors released these days are to make it more user-friendly. The answer is, you need a radar detector that has GPS module to effectively map the red lights and cameras, a voice alert to warn you without requiring you to look away from the road and lots more. There are several user-friendly features found in today’s radar detectors to aid easy, accurate operation of the device. Here are some of the radar detectors that have been in the list of the most popular radar detectors for quite a long time. This is to help you know which are the most popular radar detectors / cheap detectors available.

I love my cobra spx 7800bt and there are a million reasons why. It is one of the most accurate radar detectors. With straightforward user-friendly operation modes, wide detection range, and super responsive smartphone connectivity, your work gets a whole lot simpler with this device. The lack of in-built GPS module may be a downside as most radar detectors today come with GPS. Because of the lack of GPS, some complain of false alerts picked up by the device but connecting to a smartphone can avoid this issue in most instances.

Another great radar detector which has had a steady popularity is the Passport 8500 from Escort. The reason for its popularity is HIGH Quality of the Escort Passport 8500. It is a long range radar detector that detects several radar guns as well as the sophisticated instant-on radar guns used in some places which might be difficult to detect by a normal detector. Nearly eight different radar signals can simultaneously be detected and processed. If there are new lasers or radars, you would not have to worry as the detector comes with a reprogrammable microprocessor which can later be programmed for the detection of the new radar guns.

While talking about the high-performance radar detectors how could we leave out Whistler CR90! Whistler cr90 laser RADAR detector is bad-ass product! It has a GPS module and also comes with super-fast detection and can accurately warn you even of POP radar. The alert periscopes in the device are interesting additions. It comes preloaded with the North American database containing red-lights and camera locations. You could update this database anytime.

Cobra xrs 9370 is another famous high-performance radar detector device. With patent “Xtreme Range Superheterodyne” technology, the device comes with a rapid sweep that offers impressive detection ranges and warning times. This detector would not miss out even the super-fast radar guns. Like its competitors, this device too comes ready for the detection of POP radar. Lower and almost nil instances of false warnings is another great perk when you buy this product. So without further delay, do some research to find cobra xrs 9370 near you and confidently cruise around without the fear of receiving a speeding ticket.

Binoculars are those optical instruments that enable you see far off objects clearly. If you are an adventure or nature loving person, binoculars are going to be your best pal, no second thoughts! Binoculars have evolved a long way. There are best Binoculars, cheap ones, not –so good ones and the bad ones.

They are used to widely in various fields like astronomy, wildlife and birds watching, sports or simply gazing at the sky on a winter night. Each one of them is specifically designed for specific purposes. So let’s see few points to be kept in mind before you buy one for yourself; Magnifying factor, Brightness, Field Of View, Close and Focus, Price, Weight and size.

All these notions are given and judged based on reviews given by the users. There are ratings given to these binoculars. But do you know to read the binoculars ratings on individual models? We shall tell you.

The Binocular ratings are based on few factors:

* Body Construction Quality

* Body Stats

* Optical Components quality

* Optical stats

* Image quality

* Attention to details

All these parameters are judged and the overall ratingis given to the instruments that fairs fairly well in all these categories.

* 90-100% means that the device meets all of the above qualities very well or excellently and is also appropriately priced, hence THE BEST.

* 80-90%- Outstanding

* 70-80%- excellent

* 60-70%-very good

* 50-60%-good

* Below 50% – average

* Below 40% – is a below average model.

Let’s see these binoculars for birding!

Birding is the booming hobby of most of them. Reasons being unknown, birding is reaching each ones heart. It’s good to know that many people are connecting to nature.Birding not just requires the passion for birds, but a good binocular too. Here you need to have a device which gives you

full-fledged support in capturing the minutest details clearly and allows you to take back the memories along.

Binoculars vary largely in their making based on the purpose. Binoculars are used for birding, wildlife hunting, astronomy, or just casual nature gazing. Be it for any purpose, there are many models available. Let’s see the best birding binoculars!

* Bushnell Legend series – Best Beginners bet.

* Zeiss Victory Compact 8×20 and 10×25- best for hiking birdies

* Nikon Monarch 5 8×42-Best Mid-range birdie.

Night vision optics

Human eye is not powerful as the animals, during the night. Hence, Night vision optics is special ones, which are specifically designed to enable night viewing were created. They are optoelectronic devices built to see the images in a low level of light. These images appear mostly in green color, called monochrome images. They were first used in World War 2. Since then, with advancement in technology there are many new ones with good features available for a lesser price.

There are NV Binocular, Monocular, goggles and scopes too. Night vision optics is available online. You may choose them according to your needs and receive the order just right at your home.

Affordable Night Vision

The bestAffordable option is the Monocular. Night Vision Binoculars cost a minimum of 350+$. If it’s not for a professional work, you may consider this. Else, if you can shell out few bucks more, you are sure to get good devices.

* Night Owl Optics Monocular tops the chart

* ATN Viper Night goggles

* Luna Optics

The above two are mid-priced, rendering a very good quality. We hope that with the above information you would be able to make better choices.

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