All of us might have heard about the Virtual Reality Headsets and the various brands available in them. But little do we know about their functioning. A person who sits with a VR tends to forget himself and the world outside him. That is the effect offered by these devices. The one who uses this to play games or view pictures is taken to the real picture world or the gaming zone and he becomes a literal player in that world. Come let`s sneak a peek into their design and get to know how they are able to enlarge and give a life size view to a normal picture or a game.

VR sets are also commonly known by the name, HMD`s – Head Mounted Displays. Without the use of your hands or any other control you will be taken to the virtual world with just this device on your head and in front of your eyes. The main aim behind the design and development of this hardware is to create a life size picture of whatever is viewed through this and this also eliminates the usual limitations and boundaries that are very common when viewed using a TV or a computer. How do they do this is the main question by many.

They use the head tracking system to make the picture move as you move up and down and by increasing the degree of view they are able to produce the real effect. They give the displayed picture a 100 or 110 degree display. Almost all the VR sets are designed keeping this as the base. Many prefer the COOL VR Headset Shinecon, for they support all types of pictures and the prices they offer the customers are also very attractive and affordable.

There are special VR`s designed for supporting the gaming apps and the HyperX Cloud Revolver is a NUMBER ① PC GAMING headset models. Some of the features offered by them are good sound quality with balanced bass and mids, no extra ear pads, easily adjustable, very comfortable and easy to use device etc… It is the latest models from the Kingstons and is an upgraded and improved version of the Cloud and Cloud 2 models. This offers excellent sound and microphone quality.

Samsung has also launched its products under the name Gear and this GEAR by SAMSUNG to be promoted by celebrities too!. This is a new launch in the market and is expected to grab the attention of all the users for, first thing it is from the factory sheds of the already leading market leader and secondly, the quality they promise to offer is superior and unmatched.

REVIEW for VR headset (Android and iPhone)

There are many reviews and posts available online speaking clearly about the VR sets and their uses. They also describe the features of the different brands and the prices are also discussed. The official websites are also a good spot to stop by before taking a decision on the type and brand of product. Visiting one of them before a purchase is definite to make it a worthy one.

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