A radar detector just picks up radar signals and warns you of the radar guns in the proximity. So do you really need one that has a lot of additional features in it? Yes, most of the sophisticated features in the radar detectors released these days are to make it more user-friendly. The answer is, you need a radar detector that has GPS module to effectively map the red lights and cameras, a voice alert to warn you without requiring you to look away from the road and lots more. There are several user-friendly features found in today’s radar detectors to aid easy, accurate operation of the device. Here are some of the radar detectors that have been in the list of the most popular radar detectors for quite a long time. This is to help you know which are the most popular radar detectors / cheap detectors available.

I love my cobra spx 7800bt and there are a million reasons why. It is one of the most accurate radar detectors. With straightforward user-friendly operation modes, wide detection range, and super responsive smartphone connectivity, your work gets a whole lot simpler with this device. The lack of in-built GPS module may be a downside as most radar detectors today come with GPS. Because of the lack of GPS, some complain of false alerts picked up by the device but connecting to a smartphone can avoid this issue in most instances.

Another great radar detector which has had a steady popularity is the Passport 8500 from Escort. The reason for its popularity is HIGH Quality of the Escort Passport 8500. It is a long range radar detector that detects several radar guns as well as the sophisticated instant-on radar guns used in some places which might be difficult to detect by a normal detector. Nearly eight different radar signals can simultaneously be detected and processed. If there are new lasers or radars, you would not have to worry as the detector comes with a reprogrammable microprocessor which can later be programmed for the detection of the new radar guns.

While talking about the high-performance radar detectors how could we leave out Whistler CR90! Whistler cr90 laser RADAR detector is bad-ass product! It has a GPS module and also comes with super-fast detection and can accurately warn you even of POP radar. The alert periscopes in the device are interesting additions. It comes preloaded with the North American database containing red-lights and camera locations. You could update this database anytime.

Cobra xrs 9370 is another famous high-performance radar detector device. With patent “Xtreme Range Superheterodyne” technology, the device comes with a rapid sweep that offers impressive detection ranges and warning times. This detector would not miss out even the super-fast radar guns. Like its competitors, this device too comes ready for the detection of POP radar. Lower and almost nil instances of false warnings is another great perk when you buy this product. So without further delay, do some research to find cobra xrs 9370 near you and confidently cruise around without the fear of receiving a speeding ticket.

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