Steps To Attach GoPro To Drone:

* Attaching gopro to a drone is like having the best of the both worlds. It will provide you with great altitude and the amazing 360 degree video capturing feature of gopro. Gopro also owes its popularity to amazing video quality in rough and unstable conditions. This further makes it more compatible for shooting with drones.

* There are models of gopro that come with adhesive unit. But this are generally heavy and also cost a bit more. Even if you keep aside the costing factor, you need to consider the weight.

* Attaching heavy accessories to your drone will affect its performance by a huge margin. The gopro should always remain lightweight so as to be compatible with any drone. Hence if you plan to buy a gopro specifically to use with drones stay away from the heavier adhesive ones.

* Other than adhesive ones, look for gopro that are less than a hundred milligrams. The lighter the better.

* Once you have a god AR drone and a gopro that fulfills the above criteria, you will styrofoam, glue and rubber bands.

* To mount go pro to drone, you have to have a slightly larger piece of styrofoam than the camera, Use a sharp tool to make a hole in the styrofoam and secure it. You can use any form of glue or adhesive in a thin layer to attach the styrofoam to the drone. Secure the whole setup with a lot of durable rubber bands.

* Once you have assembled it you can trim off the extra styrofoam to fit perfectly.

* One more important point to remember is to let the adhesive dry before mounting. This ensures strong fixture.

* After following all the above steps, you drone with the gopro is ready for its flight.

* But before flying it in full splendor make sure you take test flights to make sure they are fixed properly.

This process has its set of disadvantages, with failure of setup, function failure, lack of compatibility between the drone and gopro or other camera. To solve this you the drone market has released inbuilt cameras for drones. This drones do not require additional attachment of cameras or any other devices to capture footage. They have different megapixel camera for drones. The cheaper ones usually have less megapixels. As the price range goes on increasing the megapixels and quality improve too.

One popular drone camera at present is the dji phantom 3. This drone camera comes with great image quality and resolution. It is expensive too. But a great investment for the quality it provides. You can find low price for dji phantom 3 professional during major sales where its price is reduced by more than half. There is a bit of disadvantages too, mainly that there is no provision to upgrade the camera in future or easy removal process. The landing is not foldable or removable too which makes it highly inconvenient to store and retrieve. It also makes it cumbersome to carry while travelling. In the same lines hubsan x4 h107c+ is cheap too!! X

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